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How fun! Enjoy your time with Christian, I hope he stays healthy so you can have some great one on one time. :)


We had fun. You need to send me that picture.

Ashley Lee

How wonderful that you were able to spend time with your family. Way to go on your scooter, Ansley! I hope you enjoy your one-on-one with Christian and that Ansley and your mom enjoy their one-on-one time together.


Happy Anniversary Megan and John!!! :) So glad you had a fun weekend with family. Enjoy your week with just Christian - hope he's feeling okay today.


Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope Christian's ears are okay! Wow!! Enjoy every moment. Oh, I forgot... we have VBS next week too, maybe we could do a late playdate next week? Alex is having Ansley withdrawl... and Jake keeps asking about Ansley and Christian!

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