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Sweet, sweet pictures of a precious little boy!! Can't wait to hear him sing but I'm not too excited about pushing him in the swing in this heat!


i know this is kind of a random comment--but Christian has really nice hair. just thought I'd mention it. It looks SO thick! Also--I've always wanted to capture a good shot of Nathanael's dirty legs and have never quite gotten it. I am sure I'll have a million more chances... :)


Adorable pictures...I am reading an awesome book right now...I didn't know if you had read it yet, but check it out if you haven't
That's my Son by Rick Johnson.


Those little fritters look very good! Could we add them to the ribs and BBQ next time? I will come babysit any time for that DELICIOUS smoked food!! I'm still enjoying the leftovers you sent home with me and I shared some with Jonathan and Missy. I have to add that the chocolate/cherry sauce over ice cream was awfully good, also! I had a wonderful time, as always!!

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