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First of all, that was the Easter bunny. He just got confused with the holiday! Next, I was wondering when I saw you say that sweat + you created irritability. Well, does that mean you have been irritable for almost 3 months now with that P90X?? I can tell you are having some fun, fun activities this summer. Keep it up!!!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Since we do P90 inside, I am not irritable. Air conditioned workouts are the best! :)


I have to argue some on the point you made about that 'cool' front! :) I'll agree Friday there was a cool front- but Sat.?! :)) It was GREAT seeing you all finally and catching up!!! It had been way too long! I'm so glad it ended up working out!! Oh- and I love that quote too!

Ashley Lee

It looks like you had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration, too. Glad you got to spend some time with friends--creating more wonderful memories.


It looks like you had a very happy Fourth of July with your biking adventures and your evening with friends. So glad you got to see Desta's family. :) The picture of Christian on the slip and slide makes me smile!!!


We are so glad that you all got to join us that evening... even though you told us the story that night, seeing the pictures and reading about your adventure makes me feel like I was there with you, sweating and waiting! Someday we'll all have to take a bike ride together!

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