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I noticed at the surprise party that both Ashley and Kimberly had white shirts and black shorts/skirt and then you looked like you had the same white top as Ashley (i couldn't see if you had black shorts) Was there something to this or purely coinsidence? I'm glad I could be with the kids--I loved it!!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Very observant, Mimi! I actually had on a black skirt as well, and it was totally unplanned!


I suffer the same thing, and I used to could (don't you love that grammar?) ride any roller coaster, multiple times over, and keep on walking with no effect whatsoever. My theory, having talked to several women, is that it is somehow a result of having kids. Most every woman I know has talked about how their equilibrium/sinuses or whatever is just different after kids. Who knows if it's hormone related or what, but it would explain why you and Kimberly had problems and the guys didn't.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Interesting, Gina. It sounds good...and it does fit. And it makes me feel better. Perfect! :)

Leigh Ann

Wow! #1 I'm scared. #2 I'm scared. #3 I'm scared. #4 I'm not being helpful or encouraging (should that have been #4 & #5?). Ok, I LOVE the Superman, and I love roller coasters ... what if I can never ride them again because I'm old? hehe! Just kidding!!! I'll go with Gina's annswer bc it does make the most sense, which brings me back to my numbers... #1 I'm scared...haha! ;) Had fun taking Ansley to church. Although, I believe we confused an awful lot of people! See you Wednesday!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Go ride all the roller coasters you can now Leigh Ann, while there's still time!! ;) Thanks for taking Ansley with you on Sunday - she had a great time!


Look on the bright side Megan, nobody split their head open.


I totally agree with your friend Gina. I haven't had problem with my sinues until after having kids and I never had any problem with heights or going in circles or upside down until after the kids. I actually have been seeing an ent doctor and he agrees it can effect your balance and can make you feel more sick.


Hmmm... I haven't tried to ride a roller coaster since becoming a mom... but they were always a favorite of mine before. Bummer that this happened to you! I was laughing when I saw the three of you dressed alike in the first picture -- ya'll look like three peas in a pod:)


I have to side with Angie and Gina. I use to LOVE roller coasters but now I get sick and I panic that I am not going to get out when we stop (which happened to Jace and me at Disneyworld and I nearly had a panic attack : ). Several of my friends mentioned that, too.


I'll just say that if you could ride a SuperMan flying ride you are one up on me! :) So glad you got to surprise Ashley!!!

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