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It sounds like you have everything under control and it is going well. I can't wait for Ansley to show me what she has learned! I'm glad you are able to use some of your childhood things. I remember how much you loved those stickers and we would buy stickers at different stores for your book. Sorry about Christian's non-nap. He didn't nap for me Sat or Sun but he didn't really seem tired, either. Maybe he can just have a quiet-time, too, and some days he will sleep. Happy School Days!!


Looks so fun!! Where did you get that shape puzzle. Hamilton loves puzzles right now!


Hi Megan. I'm so glad to read that your new school year is off to such a great start. It is so good to have an eager student. I love the first grader's smile above the chalkboard! :) It has really helped Sarah to practice her new cursive on my small dry erase board. Where did you find the shapes puzzles? Lydia would definitely not play with them for an hour but I'll take 10 minutes. I'm looking forward to seeing how your front room is transformed into your school room. Hope you feel better and that Christian takes a nap tomorrow! You are blessed to be in the middle of these busy days teaching your children with poems to enjoy and sweet notes to encourage you on the window. :)


How great! I love when you post about school - which is not often enough! I can't wait to see your school room, how lucky are you to have a whole room to keep things organized in!! I hope you share all your fun curriculum and post pics of your new school room soon. We start kindergarten in a few weeks and I am trying to figure out how to do that with a very busy 2.5 year old in tow. Any tips you share would be very much appreciated. Happy learning!! :)


sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Hope you are back to yourself soon. This is a great back-to-school post! I'm excited about starting our school routine next week... if not a little intimidated!

FYI... hope this is not the case. Alex stopped napping by 2 1/2. He has only taken about a dozen naps since!


Great pics! How do you keep your house so clean and homeschool while you are sick?!? :-)
I did cursive with Rebecca in 1st grade. It went well...however now her writing looks like a doctor's prescription (actually not that bad), unless she really is motivated to make it pretty.
I also love your poetry time idea. Very fun!
I keep telling myself I'm going to be more organized this year, but life keeps getting in the way! I'll get there though, I have to. I have a middle schooler, and another right on her heels.
I look forward to reading more!

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