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I definitely do not think I could've learned this lesson from a RAT! There are few physical things that frighten me. A rat is at the very top of the list. My niece even had a "cute" pet rat, but I didn't even want to be in the same room with it!. . . Thanks for sharing your lesson. I recently went through a lesson time in my life when I needed to learn "Just trust me. I'm right here."


I learned a lesson from that rat, too! Don't build your house near an open field! But, I'm much more impressed with your lesson.

Leigh Ann

Wow! What a great reminder, Megan. Thank you for posting this. It served me well. :)


Wow... I am wondering what rat has been tormenting you... and why, my friend, I am so out of touch that I do not know of it already? I am amazed by your parallel, in awe of your faith, and saddened that life gets so busy that we have not shared our burdens with each other. Praying that you are hanging in there...


Thank you.

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