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Wow- what a fun day- and SO glad all turned out well in the end. I cannot even imagine what the must have felt like- and what a helpless feeling!! So glad Rylee is okay- and accidents can happen anytime no matter how careful you are (I'm guessing by your comment on my site you saw what happened to Pierson in the pool while we were at the beach-and I was right there!)- so don't beat yourself up! I know- it's easier said than done- trust me. But all that matters is that she is okay! Sounds like you had a fun week! Oh- and to answer your question- yes- they allow kids on the dolphin tour- but since we had never been on one before- we figured we would just go us two this time- and next year for sure take Paige with! :) I agree- she would have LOVED it- and I bet Ansley would too for sure!


Goodness. My stomach is just nauseous after reading this. I remember the horrible, sickly feeling I had when Ella Beth split her head open; I can't even begin to imagine if it had been one of her friends. Way to go for praying in the middle of that hot and crowded parking lot. Not only did you allow God to calm you and give you "peace which passes all understanding," but you were able to be a witness for Him to others who were watching you.

I'm so glad you had fun, despite the scary ending. I'm so glad Rylee is okay. I'm also glad YOU are doing well!


Hi Megan. The girls and I prayed for sweet Rylee today as she recovers. I remember Sarah Anne's stitches above her lip at 18 months. I am so thankful for the calm that the Lord gave you. I know that you and John took such good care of Rylee!


Oh, I can only think of how often you must be replaying those events in your mind. Praying for Rylee's quick healing, and God's peace to calm your fears after that.

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