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LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! Love your colors!! Love the petti-coat. The barn ones. The ones w/ all the green behind you...which I guess includes ALL of them :) SO glad you are happy with them...I would be too. Can't wait to see you soon!!


Cute, cute! My favorites are the up-close pics of Christian, Ansley, and the ones of you and John hugging!


Fabulous pictues! I like Ansley's pink skirt. :) I agree about the close-ups and the ones of you and John. Sometimes we don't think to get pictures with just our husbands. I'm so glad you got those. Too many great shots to pick favorites. I agree that although it was Ansley's photo shoot that you got some excellent Christian photos too. I think I remember that Tuesday's Frog is scrapbooking magazine Joanna maybe. I remember checking out her site from your's a long time ago. I didn't think about y'all being close enough to use her. :)

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