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I remember the last BD gift I bought him, also. He wasn't feeling good so I drove to Lowe's and bought him a lounge chair to match our table/chairs so he could lay down on the porch. I wanted to get two so we could both rest on our chairs but they only had one left. I don't remember him laying on it much but I always think of him when I look at that chair.


Thinking of you, Megan. Hoping that your sweet, fun, and cherished memories will find you and make you smile.


Happy Birthday Dad! We love you and miss you so much.


Missing Randy too. And Papa. What a weekend for memories. There's a line in an Andrew Peterson song: "The aching may remain. The breaking does not." Still aching with you.


Whenever I hear you talk of your dad it to so evident how much you loved him. It's so good that you write about him to celebrate his life and cherish your memories. Praying for you and your family as you miss him.

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