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Still playing with it? Well, that's all that counts! Who cares what it tastes like! :) Thanks for sharing both recipes.

I loved your comment about how east it is to start out a day thinking about how l-o-n-g it's going to be, but how we can turn that thought around by realizing that it's another day given to us to spend with and enjoy our children. It's so true.


Two for Thursday is a good one but I'm still waiting for the good old "flashback Friday". We haven't seen one in soooo long and I miss it.


Thanks for the yummy recipe! I love his little hands pressing the clay down. So cute!


Thanks for the recipes. :) I agree about the little hands pressing the clay.


We ate the McGill version of your recipe last week. It was great to have a different crockpot meal on a chilly soccer practice night. I added some apples from our abundance from the orchard. I enjoyed it and think I'll make it again sometime with a roast instead of cutting up the pork. Thanks again!

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