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Can I cry and dance at the same time?!?! This season will pass, and I sure will miss it when it's gone...despite myself. :)


It's good that you recognize this and appreciate it now. All too soon those little things will be gone and you will wish you had appreciated them more. Then you will have the happy memories of the times when they were little.

Sara Bouman

Love this....too tired to think of what else to say but this was a good mommy break to read it. =) Love it.


Amen! Well put and oh-so-true.


Hey Megan,

I have chosen your blog for a "Best Blog" Award! Claim it for your site here:


Thanks Megan for sharing about these days we are in now and how one day we will miss them. I really need to keep that perspective in my home! Miss you!


Thanks for blessing me with these words. My heart feels fuller after reading them!

Miss you!

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