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What a wonderful post. I absolutely love that idea and may use that in my preschool class. It is a lesson that we all should learn. Thanks for this encouragement. I often write on our mirrors with a dry erase marker and I know what will go up this week. That verse has always been special to me but it often gets pushed to the side. Thanks Megan!


Awesome idea! I am so doing this!! We use the marble jar but this is so much better and a wonderful teaching tool as well. I love that my boys will be training me too, what a blast they will have watching mommy try to earn some fruit. Thanks for sharing. Now I am off to start cutting some felt. :) Love it!


Love it, Megan. I especially related with this part: "conceit is for another day - we're focusing on fruit here!"

I feel a fruit bowl in our home's future! :-)


Very creative, Megan. Having a hands on tool will always prove valuable for both kids and adults alike. What a great way to teach your kids about the "FRUIT."


That's so funny - I have been searching and searching for some sort of 'bulletin board' type product that I could laminate and put on the empty wall in the play room that is Fruit of the Spirit themed. We are totally on the same mindset. It's what I'm studying right now in my QTs and thought I would incorporate into the first 'lessons' I concentrate on with H after I'm home. Love your idea of adding to the basket and making it more applicable to them. Love ya!! Has anyone ever told you that you are pretty creative :)


Hi Megan. This made me smile - such a creative, visual way to remind you and your children the fruit that you want in your home. I love how you are using it to teach them but also for yourself too. I am hoping that your fruit basket is overflowing now at the end of the week! I struggle so much with keeping peace in my home, patience in my heart, and gentleness in my voice. I keep this verse as the bookmark in my Bible to pray in the mornings that this is the fruit that my children will see. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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