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Yeah, I think y'all would have to go to Biltmore to top Bonefish! Looks fun, engaging, and delish!

And why is it that us Mamas can't get enough of our needy boys? I sure do like holding mine. Well, most of the time. :)


That's the kinda field trip that a mommy can get into... yum! What 3 ingredients did they use to make the mac n cheese?

Ashley Lee

What an awesome field trip! Homeschooling is so fun for Mom as well as the kids especially on days like this. So glad you have a group to participate in fun field trips with. I will have to make this recommendation to our homeschool group because I'd like to go on that field trip! ;)


I like the picture of Ansley with the torch. :) What a different, fun field trip to take. I like how you got to enjoy your meal together after learning what goes on behind the scenes.

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