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Ashley Lee

What a fun way to start the new year - two thousand ten is how I'm saying it, too. :) Love the shark pictures. Here's to the new year! Blessings from the Lee's


Happy New Year! :) I haven't decided yet how I'm saying it. Maybe 2010. :) So glad you got to spend time with friends. Fun pictures!


Out of habit, I clicked on your Project 365 pictures then realized the year had ended! Are you going to attempt it again for 2010? :)

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, Renee - definitely! I've gotten the past two years put in books, and I LOVE looking back at them. It's such a fun glimpse of the year. I just have to find the time to create the 2010 Project 365, but it's coming! :)

Sara Bouman

Those shark pictures are hilarious. Happy New Year, Megan!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Happy New Year to you, Sara! Hope ya'll are doing well. :)


I say 20-10. You didn't say One Thousand, Nine Hundred, Ninety Nine...did you? ;) 2010 just rolls off my tongue...but Two Thousand Ten doesn't offend!!!

Anywho...cute pictures. I love the Chattanooga Aquarium, but I haven't been there in years. Maybe it's time to introduce my kiddos! My favorite aquarium is the Gatlinburg Aquarium. Do you ever go there? I always go through it twice.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Touche! (But I can't make the little squiggle over the e.) Yes, we have been to the Gatlinburg aquarium several times - my kids love it! Maybe we'll run into ya'll there one day? ;)


That is a fun place! We missed each other by a couple days. We were there on the 29th.

MEGAN RESPONDS: How crazy would that have been to run into ya'll?! That would've been pretty fun! :)

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