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Leigh Ann

Great post Megan.

"Oh, and because I'm tempted to want what I want, regardless of the price. Maybe Eve didn't realize the significance her one action would have on the world. Or maybe she didn't care, because she really wanted what she wanted."

How true this is for my life as well. Thanks for the humble reminder of God's grace!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thank you, Leigh Ann! :)


Thanks for the reminder. I would probably have chosen the shoes too. I am wondering how to explain Easter to my little guy. Is he too young? How many details? What is the resurrection tree?

MEGAN RESPONDS: I'll be posting our Easter activities on here soon, Kimberly. (And in my nonexpert opinion, I don't think they are ever too young to start introducing these concepts.)


Great post that makes me think about me and my sin and my choices. And that love He chooses to lavish on me in spite of it. Thanks for writing!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Thanks, Renee! I always love your encouraging comments. :)


I think one of the most gracious gifts we can give our children is our own repentance of our sin. If I wrong one of my kiddos, I ask for forgiveness. It's humbling to get down on my knees and ask my 3 and 2 year old for forgiveness when I (their own Mommy) has not practiced the Golden Rule. When they see God's grace in action, I think, that their hearts are more equipped to receive His love and grace towards them. Sweet Post, Megan. :)


Enjoy celebrating the Resurrection this Easter! Love in Him, The McGills

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