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First...recipe for said cookies PLEASE! Second...we have pretty much given up TV in our house, too. Scott and I feel so much more productive, are reading much more (even our Bibles...imagine that!), and getting better sleep. Nice. :)

And, I love that Ansley is jealous of the picture issue. Not there quite yet, but I feel it comin'!


I love those cute people Christian draws! I am also contemplating giving up T.V. after your few posts about it. Maybe after Lost is off the air in a few weeks! Reading and sleep sound perfect. If I can give up Facebook I think I can do it. =)


I like how Christian is sticking his tongue out to draw. A sign of true concentration...It made me smile on this first day of spring today to see Ansley smiling about her butterflies...So good you are watching less and reading more. :)

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