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Ansley's sweet, pretty, happy, missing-another-tooth smile really made me smile today. Our six year old girls are precious and you are so right that we need to protect their girlhood. I read those same terrible statistics. It must have been in the the first chapter of Dobson's new Bringing up Girls maybe.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, Renee, that's exactly where it is from. Are you reading it as well? It's a great book!


If we don't protect our children, who will??? So glad to have you to bounce back ideas and thoughts with concerning "sheltering" and protecting our children. Let them be little!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, Amber, it is fun to chat back and forth since we are so like-minded! :)


I wonder where these statistics come from and how accurate they are. Yes, there are terrible things in this world from which we much protect our children but we can't build a box and keep everyone and everything away from them. I choose to believe there are many many more good people and things than evil. That may sound like I disagree with you but I don't. I just think "protecting them" can go too far.

That being said, when my daugther was on the Junior High School cheerleading squad, about 8 years ago, several of them wore thong underwear. My daughter (who is now in college and with whom I am very close) told me about it. I told here there was NO WAY I would let a girl her age (13 at the time) wear those. I told her when she had a job and was buying her own underwear - she could buy them but I wouldn't. That's all that was ever said and it was never an issue again.

MEGAN RESPONDS: I think in today's world, it's almost impossible to over shelter (is that a word??) a six year old. But I also know that not everyone thinks like me! These statistics come from "Bringing Up Girls" by James Dobson, so I would tend to think they are fairly accurate. So glad to hear of a Mom who says no to thongs! :)

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