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Is it strange that I can tell that Ansley has your feet? In that handstand pic I can just tell. Guess you know when you know someone well, huh? Ok so now that my weirdness has come and gone (and you are wondering if you should delete this comment as to avoid any strange comments from your Knoxville friends)...I'm so glad that y'all had such a great vacation! Hoping to get Hamilton to a beach again soon. Last time he thought the sand was too dirty. And also so glad that y'all didn't have any effect from the oil spill. Love ya and glad you're home!

Lance Perry

Hey Megan, I have some news for you. Sit down, I am getting married next month and moving just across the border in North Carolina in August. There I did it.


Hi. So glad you had a fun beach vacation with friends. :) Enjoyed all the pics. The handstand shot makes me smile.

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