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I mean seriously I think every year you tell me "we'll have to let you know about it and have y'all up" and every year I see the post and we aren't in the pictures :) Totally kidding - it's just looks like SOOO much fun. Although - I've never been a fan of wet grass and bare feet...hmmm...but I'd do it for the Greiner SlipNSlide :)
Love ya!

MEGAN RESPONDS: Ouch, that hurts a little. Did you read about the hormones, sickness? Next year, for sure! Mark it down, July 2011, Make Trip To Greiners. Okay? I think I know most of the things you are not a fan of, but that's a new one for me. Mental note. :) Love you too.


I commented but it must have disappeared in cyberspace. . . The gigantic Greiner slide always makes me smile. :) Happy summertime!!!

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