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Leigh Ann

What a fun update! So glad that it's getting better...even if it's still hard. Yay for looking pregnant. I know I was very glad when the stomach started rounding. If it hadn't started when it did, I was promising to hole myself up because I was tired of looking like a beached whale! Now, I just look pregnant and that I can deal with because that means the baby is growing. You're a cute pregnant lady! Can't believe we're almost exaclty 4 weeks apart :)


Your cute little belly makes me smile. :) I sure hope you feel better soon.

Alicia M

Oh, I had headaches with Zoe and tylenol didn't touch them-- I realized they were tension headaches, so made a conscious effort to relax my shoulders, and stretch, tried some prenatal yoga (which helped when I did it), and made Scott give me back rubs! Also made myself relax with a cup of relaxing tea (whatever they put in those flavors) and taking warm showers at night. Just a thought... yours might not be tension headaches, though -- but it could be a good excuse to get a back rub. :) Hope you feel better soon! We love having 3.


I am cracking up laughing right now. This is a hilarious post :)

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