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Emilee Stanley

Anna Kate says, "She's very sorry about that." Thanks for the verse. We've been dealing with "fears" around here too.


Thanks for the testimony of trusting the Lord through childhood fears and Mama fears.


We've dealt with fears in our house, too. It's hard to remember that our children's realities are just so small - the smallest things (to us) are not so small to them.

A tool that we use in our house is a CD from Seeds Family Worship. They have lots of fun music (it's scripture taken word for word and put to music...mostly sung by kids). They have a CD called "Seeds of Courage" and it is invaluable. Here's a link:

When Ella Beth gets scared, we sing the songs together (usually at night in her bed b/c that's when most fears creep in), and we talk about the truths that God has promised us through His word.

Maybe that's a little nugget that will bless your family, too. :)


Aidan is going through fear/anxiety issues right now and they just went through a month in Upstreet talking about courage. They talked about Joshua 1:9 and gave us a sticky verse to go up and around one of your door frames in your house. So everytime Aidan walks through it, he is reminded of what it means. It is seems to help with him and reminding him about it daily.

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