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You look fantastic. I'm glad you're feeling better! Hopefully YOUR energy will stay into the first few weeks of your baby girl's life but she will be calm and easy. I mean, we can always hope for crazy outcomes with you, right?! ;) Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!


You look wonderful! :) I am so happy for you that you are no longer sick and that you have the energy to enjoy getting ready for your baby girl.

Alicia M

Awww, cute little belly! I have always been amazed at the things people will say to you when you're pregnant! And the body parts they will comment on. And the reasons they give for their predictions. And how random strangers will touch your belly. :) And I agree that you look great, blurry and all.


Can't believe you're half way there...seems like last week I was freaking out on the other end of the phone (of course that was partly due to the strange-in-the-middle-of-the-night phone call :))

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