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Ashley Lee

Oh no, Megan! You cracked me up with the way you described this craft. We actually tried this same craft at Easter. Except we were trying to accomplish making large Easter egg ornaments to hang on a tree outside for outdoor Easter decorations. They looked so beautiful in the magazine photo. Unfortunately, ours didn't turn out beautiful at all. And the mess. Oh the mess. I remember well. Since it was warmer in April I did take Olivia and Isaac outside on the patio table to make them, but we still had a gigantic mess to clean up afterwards.

Good job for hanging in there and finishing the craft (I remember how I wanted to abandon it unfinished too). I look forward to and am optimistic that yours will turn out beautiful.

MEGAN RESPONDS: Ashley, I should have consulted you first! Today they are STILL wet so we haven't been able to pop the balloons yet, and two of the balloons shrunk and the yarn just fell in a big pile so we had to throw them away. Oh, well. Do you have any good (easy) ornament ideas? You are always full of ideas. :)


Oh, boy. A messy craft. I reckon I'd better get used to these! This has Ella Beth's name written all over it, so we'll steal (i.e. borrow) this very soon!


I think I'll steal the latter craft and just talk about my amazing mom friend who did the first craft with her kids :)
Hoping to work on our pine cone snowmen next week. We'll see if it ends up being messy, but since it's just cottonballs and pinecones I'm thinking it can't be too bad.

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