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Megan, I can relate to SO MUCH of this post! I was laughing out loud at Christian's constant Star Wars interpretations while Ansley was trying to concentrate. It really does depend on the day, doesn't it? Ella Beth is either right there screaming or right there laughing. One can never predict!

We have the same children's Bible...isn't it just amazingly written? We also have Jesus Calling - 365 Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young. It is great, too. And, (I think I'm on an endorsement kick or something...) her adult version of Jesus Calling is wonderful - I think you'd really like it! Thanks for sharing the idea of keeping a journal of the kiddos' prayer requests. I had not thought of starting it this young, but I know Ella Beth would have things on her heart to share - and of course Landon would share whatever is on his mind. ;)

Keep the typical day posts coming. I have one coming up, too. OH! I'm ready and waiting for my something chocolatey and yummy. :)


I really enjoyed "A Day in the Life of the Greiners" especially since some of it looks a bit like my day with the same 2nd grade ABeka materials. :) I really like the prayer request journal idea. I have my own journal and sometimes I take requests from them, but I don't record theirs. Where did you find the "run around the house" cards? Thinking about you yesterday on Feb. 1st that Avery arrives THIS month!!!

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