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Ashley Jansen

Too cute!! Love the phone on the table!! And I want to see Avery, oh excuse me the one whom is carrying Avery currently, with the Darth Vader hat and light saber. Where is that picture? Looks like y'all had a great fun party. Lot's to celebrate in 2011 for the Greiner fam!! So exciting!!

Ashley Jansen

P.S. Tell us about those party favors? Something in a blue plastic ball? If I know you, which I think I do, they were uber cute and creative!!

Allison S

These are so fun Megan & looks like such a fun boy party. Sorry we had to miss :( I'd love to show Jonathan the pics, but he would really be sad then - especially seeing the Star Wars cake - what a fun memory!


Birthday streamers make me smile. :) We have them at our house too. I don't remember where I got the idea but it could easily have been from the Very Fun and Creative Greiner Traditions and Celebrations Idea Book that I like to refer to when considering new McGill traditions. I agree about the chocolate mousse shot. I definitely think that there are some girls at my house who would have been scared of the Darth pinata mask. It looks like Christian had a very happy day with family and friends. Happy 4th Birthday Christian from the McGills!

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