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She is so so cute and I love seeing her in all those cute outfits. I don't want to alarm you but have you noticed (in the picture with the Daddys girl onesy) that she has an extra thumb growing out of her shoulder!! You must have noticed it because you have already painted the fingernail!!!!


Oh she is just beautiful!!!!! Yes, savoring the moments is good... hormones can be pesky things.... multiplied by the number of kids you have in your brood, I believe. Hang in there! See you soon :)


So sweet! Savor all of the know how fast they go by. Ansley looks like she is just captivated by the wonder of Avery. Such a great big sister she is. :)


I enjoyed these precious photos of life as a family of five. Praying for you as a Mama as you treasure these joyful (and tearful) days.


Precious!! So Precious!! Make me so anxious to meet her, hug your neck, and honestly for my own baby!! Love ya!!

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