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Alison Sexton

Megan, this is so sweet to me! Sorry, still no blog read in return..still a schmoozer:)


Well, I wrote a comment and it disappeared. So if it reappears later you'll think, hmm. She wrote two comments and tried to make them the same but couldn't remember her exact words. ;) So here's comment #2. I enjoyed reading how Ansley has grown and all that she has learned in 2nd grade. Girls who love to read and little brothers who make Lego planes both make me smile. Reading your perspective on teaching encouraged this weary teacher today. We did hang our paper chain to cheer us along as we count down our days until we can say so long to this school year. :)

Marni Love

What a great year you all had. I can totally relate since this was our first year homeschooling with a baby too. I loved reading this post and find such encouragement in your words about building your love relationships with your children and your motivation for homeschooling. I have lots of days where I would love to go to the mall instead of doing school too. A little Ann Taylor Loft shopping and all my stress would melt away right? :) I am anxious to post our wrap up of first grade too. Thanks for sharing.

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