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Renee McGill

I agree. Babies in slings, the blessings of the difference Daddy brings, and going outside changes the day around. And I agree that the lessons we learn are not necessarily the ones in the books. What have I learned? I'll have to think on that one. You are a wonderful mom. Thanks for encouraging the rest of us in motherhood!


Love this. I have actually been working on my own, "What I've learned" so don't think I stole your idea! Great minds just tend to think alike. ;) I have quite a few of the same lessons learned on my own list. And, being outside - oh my word! I don't know what we'd do around here without the outdoors!!! Love your list!


I agree totally! :) In fact, my biggest regret as a parent is reading those "don't spoil the baby, let them cry" books! Ugg!! HOLD THAT BABY!! Before long she won't want to be held. :) I want another baby just so I can have a do-over!! :) Just clinging to God's grace that He'll cover all my parenting mistakes...but that is probably my biggest regret thus far!

Marni Love

Love this post Megan! I really relate to #6 and find that when things are going downhill the answer is usually that mama's attitude needs adjusting. Going outside can also do wonders! And I may just post #8 on my fridge because that is my ultimate goal too. The most valuable thing I learned this year is to keep it simple. With school, housework, outside activities, the more simple and low key the better. When I tried to add too much curriculum, check off too much on my to do list or plan too many outings everyone tends to meltdown including me. Less is more! Plus all that stuff distracts me from the real goal of just enjoying my boys. All they really want is more of me anyway! :)

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