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Emilee Stanley

The question is what is Ansley wearing? A tank top? :)

Renee McGill

She is beautiful! Yes, it flies by. Sarah Anne will be 10 this year. A decade of motherhood! And Lydia is outgrowing some of her baby-ness although she is the "baby" of the family for now. She is officially three and a half and told my step-mom a story the other night "Back when I was three. . ." :)


I love your writing, Megan! Everything you said here is so true - how fleeting, precious, and ever-changing motherhood is. Thank you for sharing!


Emilee - Ha! You know Ansley well - yes, she was wearing a tank top and shorts! :)

Renee - Cute! I can't believe Lydia is three already - she was just a BABY when we saw her last!

Erika - Thanks so much! :)

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