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Ashley Lee

Agreed that chocolate chip cookies would be a great way to end every day!

I LOVE the outfit on her. :) I love the colors on her precious skin tone and am so excited that you like it, even if Avery doesn't yet. ;)

I hope Ansley has a great VBS week and that things will get better at home without her being there. I agree that I take for granted all that Olivia does for me around the house until she's absent and I don't have her help. Maybe you should end each day this week with chocolate chip cookies . . . until Ansley is back home with you every day. ;)

Leigh Ann

No matter how long a baby sleeps at night, the naps during the day are what keeps a mama sane (with the grace of God as the unspoken here). I feel for you, Megan. I know it's hard. :( She really is quite cute though, even when she's screaming. The past couple of days, we've done a little nursing before nap time. Not something that we usually do, but my motto is ... whatever works. ;)


I agree - whatever works for naps! :) This is our VBS week too. Hope Ansley has a fantastic week. The cookies look yummy! A great way to end the day.

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