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Ashley Lee

Looks like a really fun family day! That peacock was beautiful-I love peacocks! I would definately be making plans to return to that museum, too. Glad you all were able to spend some time as a family of five getting out and about. :)


LOVE the pic of the baby goats all peeking out! Never been to the Little Ponderosa Zoo. My co-teachers and I actually talked about taking a field trip, but now I'm glad we didn't, after reading that it wasn't that great. Great pics!


Ansley looks like a little pioneer girl!!!


I like the bonnet smile. :) So glad you had a fun Saturday together.


Awww. . .I've been catching up on your most recent posts and was surprised to see that you didn't like Little Ponderosa Zoo. It's actually one of our favorite destinations. Unlike the regular zoo, the animals there can actually be seen, and when you see them, they actually move. The petting is just icing on the cake. I do agree that indoorish part has some small cages and some of the animals pace around sadly. But the outdoor part is nice. And then there's the picnic spots, and the old cabin that makes you wonder if you actually stepped back in time.

Twice now, the kangaroo has kissed my forehead. And the tigers chased (stalked) Erich when they were still young cats. This last time when we went for Erich's birthday, they were older and more mature (read: much less fun). But as we were leaving, we spoke to the owner. I told him how much we enjoyed the animals, and how neat it's been to watch the tigers grow. I mentioned that it was Erich's birthday and that he had a childhood dream of caring for big cats. The next thing we knew, the owner was leading Erich into the tiger cage. Not THE tiger cage, but the cage right outside the tiger cage. He was in breath-smelling distance from them. And at one point, the tiger laid right against the cage and Erich was able to pet him. It was quite the birthday for him.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to make sure other readers of your blog knew that there was a dissenting opinion. We think Ponderosa Zoo is great. But we'll definitely have to check out that other museum you accidently visited. :-)


Hey Erika! Thanks for commenting - I don't mind differing opinions! Just because we weren't impressed doesn't mean other families wouldn't enjoy it, so I would encourage anyone considering it to check it out for themselves. Each family is different! :)

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