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What a great first day! Your curriculum sounds so fun, Jonah loves animals too so this would be right up his alley. I love your cake in a jar, very cute (even if it wasn't tasty). I am gearing up and will definitely have to take cute first day pictures like you did. Love that chalkboard sign! Thanks for showing your school room after too, that is how ours looks five minutes after we get started. Great post! Enjoy the rest of your week. :)


We did Winter Promise for Kindergarten. We really liked it... lots of fun to be had :) Hope you enjoy it and get into a good routine. So, you really never made cake from a box? I am impressed, as scratch cakes usually flop for me! I'll have to get some recipes from you :) Hope today's school day is a blast!


Happy start of your new school year! I really like your chalkboard first day photos. (And the table comparison made me smile too!) I enjoyed hearing about another homeschooler's day, the honest version - fun treats, long lessons, and even tears too. Hope you had a terrific day 2 today!

Allison S

aw, Megan love reading this. We could use some rainbow cake in a jar & lion breakfast around here. But, I definitely will copy your puzzle sandwich, yes I'll choose the easiest :) What a special first day for your children. Glad your winters promise finally made it!

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