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I love those mason jars. My oldest would enjoy that activity. We have done lots of game playing around here this summer. We have also enjoyed water paints and I even broke out the shaving cream once to give the toy cars a car wash. That made my boys very happy! This is best done on the porch or in the bath tub. :)

I am excited to see what you are doing for your school year. How do you keep Christian busy during your school day? My 4 year old does not like to play alone but gets tired of doing school with us after about 5 minutes. This leads to lots of whining and grumpiness which is really no fun for anyone. I have tried creating activities for him but he rarely wants to do the things I set up. He is my contrary child, always wanting the opposite of what I set up for him to do! He gets mad that I am taking his brother away from him and I am desperate for ideas on keeping him happy. What does Christian do while you are working with Ansley?


Marni, could we get our boys together to keep them occupied during the school day? I know we are separated by about five states, but it could work, right? :) Your son sounds JUST LIKE Christian - he doesn't like to play alone at all (middle child?) and he loves to play with Ansley, so I suspect he won't be happy when she starts back to school. This year I am attempting one curriculum for both of them. I don't know how it will work, or if it will keep him busy, but I'll let you know after we start next week! I may have to tweak some things. Christian does love Legos, and he will usually play with those quietly on the floor while we are doing school. We may have lots of Lego time! I'll be sure and post about it next week! :)


We did candle votives when were kids for christmas gifts. We got clear plain glass votives, colored tissue paper and I think we used modge podge. We brushed the votive with the adhesive and then started layering on the tissue paper and covered it with one more layer of the modge podge. Then with candles lit they kinda looked like stained glass:)...


Megan, that is the perfect solution! I wish we lived closer because our boys sound very similar. I am excited to see how your curriculum goes and to hear about your first week of school. We start in two weeks and I am really going to work on getting Andrew more involved and tuning into the things he likes to do. I think it is easy for me to focus on Jonah when it comes to school because I really want to make sure I cover everything. I so love the preschool/kindergarten years and really want to create wonderful memories with each of my boys during this precious season. Homeschooling is a blessing but it also has its challenges! Happy first week of school!

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