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Leigh Ann @ Intentional By Grace

Oh, Megan....I almost cried reading this. I'm sure that was incredibly upsetting! But what a great parallel to how God must feel sometimes with us. What's even more amazing is that He, too, runs after us when we're in danger. Sometimes the bumps and bruises occur, but they teach us a lesson. I'm so glad God protected your little one, and gave you wonderful teaching moments with your kids. What amazing grace!

On a similar note...I know the feeling. That hasn't happened, but we learned that Samuel is allergic to onions. OR at least can't tolerate them in the slightest bit! I didn't know this until we spent an entire evening caring for a helpless, throwing up baby. Well, you might remember that night, since I did text you. I felt terrible! If only I had been more cautious...If only I had stopped to consider what I had added to our grown up dishes...It's a terrible, terrible feeling. I've had to cry out to God so many times since just asking for simple wisdom on feeding my baby. But that feeling in the gut of your tummy....I think only a mama knows it.


I am so thankful for God protecting Avery! I'm also sorry for what your mama's heart went through in those fearful moments! Thanks for sharing what our Heavenly Father has shown you about the parallel in our own lives...Some days when I read about what's going on with you I wish we lived closeby for our kids to take nature walks together. (By the way, I like the masking tape bracelets idea!)

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