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Elizabeth Snyder

Wow, I can't believe it has been four years - it feels like yesterday and like 100 years ago all at the same time, doesn't it?

I'm so thankful for your raw honesty in the midst of your sorrow and longing, Megan. You're an absolute gift and I know your father would be so proud of how you've taken up this challenge and marched on all the while pointing to the Cross. What a beautiful legacy he left here for the rest of us to enjoy.

I'm praying for you, friend, as you embark on another holiday season without your Dad present.



I am praying for you and your family today. What a powerful testimony you shared of clinging to your Saviour in your grief. I love you!

Robin Miles

On my way to work this morning I remembered what today is for Jonathan, you and your mom... I've been thinking of you all and praying for you today.

Judy Burrows

Megan...I check in on your postings on typepad on almost a daily basis because I absolutely love to read about you and your precious family and it also makes me feel close to your mom and to know where she is and what she is doing. Your mom was there in my life when I needed a true friend and I will never forget her for it. You have such a special gift of articulating your thoughts and feelings. I just read your November 7 post because I'm in Hilton Head with my sister and her husband for the week...and it made me cry as hard today as it did four years ago. I was truly blessed to be in the right place at the right time when your family moved across the street from my family so many years ago. Your entire family sets such a wonderful example for those of us who are lucky to know you. I pray for God's continued blessings on you and your family and I pray that your mom's house sells quickly so that she can live right around the corner from you as planned...I think that she made the perfect decision! My love to all of you!

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