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:) A reminder to me that my famiy's own busy, messy, laughter-filled, tear-filled days are precious days that I need to treaure for "they won't be like this for long!" Thanks for sharing your day in your life music video!

John (Greiner Baby Daddy)

Great job with the video, babe! This video reinforces my amazement of your day and all that you manage. Phew, I'm tired just watching it. I thought my job was difficult, but I now see who really works the hardest.

Keep up the great work and we might have to negotiate a raise. :)


One word. Awesome!

Ashley Lee

WOW! What an awesome video! I LOVE it!!!

Thanks so much for the reminder that "they won't be like this for long." I was just thinking today how tired I am from all that we have on our (mainly Olivia's) calendar right now. This song and video has brought me to a new place and I'm so grateful I'm doing what I'm doing because "they [truly] won't be like this for long."

Hope you all are enjoying your advent season!


Fabulous job, Meghan! You are so talented. :-)


I can remember those days and now I miss them!

Emily Jarkins

LOVE this!!


Oh that is SO GOOD. It made me cry!! I have got to do this. :)

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