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I liked seeing the glimpse into Advent days at the Greiner house. I hope sweet Avery is well very soon!

Joy finch

Crazy! I was literally singing family always listened to the Alabama Christmas cd (and cassettes before that!) is that how you know the lyrics mentioned in this post?
I found your blog through katyes and love getting to know people n our church through the blog world! I'm almost embarrassed to send links to mine BC of how great yours is, but my hubs is fabulous so I will send his link too ( even though it is partially his job) love love the video! Ben has teased saying he was going to pop in and click shots of us throughout the day, we would look so less than after this great post!


Joy - Thanks for commenting! :) Yes, it is from the Alabama Christmas CD! We used to listen to it every Christmas growing up - I love it! I will check out your blogs - it is a fun way to get to know people! thanks again! :)

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