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I am a new follower, and just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your blog!
PS, you should take them to Disney World!!! It can be very affordable (I was surprised when we first went in 2009). We now take a trip every year in September.


Thank you Skye! (What a cool name!) Is September a good time to go? We are really wanting to go this year, so we will see! :)


Yes, September is an awesome time to go. It is warm, but not too hot (in my opinion). The crowds are NOTHING like during peak times. We have had free dining every year (I would highly recommend their dining plan, especially if you can get it free!). It is just perfect.

If you need help planning, I would love to help you. I have helped many of my friends with their trips.

If you want to go this year, I would start planning NOW! Go ahead and book your resort. You can add on promotions (free dining or a percentage off your room) if/when they are released. Also, if you are going to do the dining plan, you need to make your reservations 180 days before the trip (that is in March)- so it would be good to start researching and picking places you may like to eat soon.

Planning can be overwhelming (especially if you are a planner and like to be super organized), so feel free to ask any questions. You can email me (I think my email shows up to you since I have to enter it in the comment box?).


Thanks Skye! I do have your email, so I will probably be emailing you soon. Disney World just totally overwhelms me - I don't even know where to start! I appreciate your advice....I'm sure I will need more! ;)


oh yay! I would love to help. I would also recommend the book "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World." It is a big book, but you don't have to read the whole thing. It has lots of information about the different dining options, the parks (rides, shows, etc) and the resorts. It also has very helpful "touring plans" that give you a suggested plan for what to ride/see when for each park. It is basically like a schedule for the day. It saves a ton of time waiting in lines or backtracking through the parks. It is great, especially if you aren't familiar with the parks and attractions.

Try to get excited instead of overwhelmed. It is the most amazing place ever and your kids will LOVE it!

Who knows... maybe we will end up being there at the same time this year :)


A few weeks ago, I asked Hannah my version of the birthday interview questions that you inspired. Very fun! Enjoy celebrating with Christian!


I am not sure if you have considered going to Disney anymore... but I thought I would share some posts on a blog- There will be a series of posts about planning a trip to Walt Disney World. There are two up so far. and
They released free dining codes for August 25 to September 29! We love free dining. It saves us a ton of money and the food is SO good.

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