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I like your "day in the life of the Greiners" photos. We had a good day today. It was "spitting snow" here in MS too! Big flakes for just a few minutes at a time. :) We found a huge stack of Newberry award winners at the Goodwill bookstore, had deer tenderloin and garden veggies from the freezer for dinner, and had a good school day. Hannah learned her next multiplication table, Sarah studied for her science semester exam, and Lydia was cutting and gluing which makes her happy. Derek has had a long day with a deacon's meeting after work and helping one of the widows from church with her computer problems. It's freezing here so the girls played the Wii while I am uploading pictures to try to complete my Project Life album for 2011. I've meant to tell you that's a terrific family photo that was on your Christmas card/photo book cover. You sure had a busy day for a woman with a headache! Avery looks so big eating that plate of table food. Enjoy your weekend in the mountains! Happy 5th birthday Christian from the McGills!!!

Marsha F

Great idea to do a day in pictures! I'm going to try doing this today. One of my goals for this year is to take more pictures of my two boys.


Thanks Renee! I love the stack of books from Goodwill - that would make my day! :) We've had lots of Wii playing here too. Excedrin did work well, so my headache went away pretty quickly. :) I will tell Christian - thanks so much! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Heather (One Take On Life)

Just found your blog through I heart organizing. I keep meaning to do a blog book through blurb and haven't finished it yet. It is a reminder to get going. Did it take you long? Do you find you need to upload the original pictures? On my blog I shrink the pictures down.


Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.:) Blurb is great, I think. It doesn't take me long, but I also try to upload my pictures and any journaling to Blurb as I go, instead of waiting til the end of the year and having 365 photos to upload. I also shrink my pictures down for my blog, but they work just fine for printing into a book, so I am able to use the same pics. Quite often there are also discount codes for books too. Let me know if you decide to try them - I figure it's a much easier way to keep track of memories than trying to scrapbook it all! :)

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