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Emily Jarkins

Hey Megan - I hope everyone is feeling better today!! I can so relate to your # 5 post. I honestly thought that #3 would be a piece of cake. Someone once told me that going from 1 kid to 2 was hard and 2 to 3 was simple - um, I must be doing something wrong! My little guy is anything but laid back. He says "no" to everything, knows what he wants when he wants it, and copies both sisters' every tackling, wrestling, hitting move. I thought it was because he was a boy, but I'm not so sure. And he doesn't sleep either - wears on me more than anything. Anway, that's my random post for today:)

Emily Jarkins

But I should add that I wouldn't have it any other way!


I love Jen Hatmaker. She's a great and fun writer. I read her Girls Guide to Bible Study and it was fantastic. Methods I had never thought or considered before. I'll have to check out the 7 book - although I'm nervous it would make me slightly crazy :) Not that you sounded crazy in this post at all...really...not at all. :)

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