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Alicia M

Hi, Megan -- I haven't checked your blog in a while -- sorry you all were sick but glad you are feeling better! The lettuce and the spinach are cooler weather veggies -- it's getting a little warm to plant them (I guess I'm assuming that you are planting them from seed but I guess it's not too late if you bought the plants, and maybe Knoxville is colder in general than here, so this may not apply -- just a thought) which may be why they don't want to grow-- they don't like it when it gets warm. But you can plant seeds in Aug for fall harvest. Just FYI. :)


Hey Alicia! Thanks for checking in! :) We planted the lettuce and spinach back in March but it just didn't make much progress. Ironically they have been growing like crazy lately - go figure!? Thanks for the tip though! Hope you are doing well. :)

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