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I can relate to being RAVENOUS! Although, my hunger is due to ever-growing big brother eating most of the food off of my plate before I can & baby sister continuing to nurse her heart out. ;) Hope you're back to enjoying lots of treats & that your test results are encouraging - thinking of you!


I'm sorry that you had to go though a colonoscopy. I hope that you do not have celiac. My dad has to avoid gluten and although it is a difficult dietary change, he feels like a completely different person now. Beautiful hydrangeas! They remind me of my wedding flowers.


Thank you Kathryn! Made me laugh - I do remember those days! :) But I do appreciate your sweet comment. Hope you and your cute family are doing well!


Thanks Renee! My Dad had celiac as well, and it is genetic so they wanted to rule it out, among some other things. Your friendship is a blessing to me! :)

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