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school outside has helped us a LOT! I don't have a 1 year old so I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that we still have quite a few bad days around here. Ugh!! I think changing it up is a GREAT thing...I wish I was organized to get all my stuff together ahead of time and go to the park or something...just for one day here and there! :) Maybe I will try it!


I just love the new perspective friends can give us when we are stuck. So great that you found a solution that works well in this season. We have a busy two year old that keeps us on our toes too. We school outside, take morning trips to the park after some schooling and I love my baby gates for blocking off certain areas. We use workboxes and I put fun learning toys in my littlest guy's boxes. I try to switch them out so they stay fresh and engaging and keep them hidden when they are not in his boxes. He loves to "do school" with us and enjoys being like his brothers with his own boxes.

I have gotten a lot of encouragement from the book "One hundred and one Devotions for Homeschool Moms". It gives me a little boost to start my day! :)


Candace - I know there will always be hard days, but I like to tell myself it's only because I have a one year old! ;) I love school in the park - that's a great idea! We will have to try that - when Avery gets a little older. :)


Thanks for all the ideas, Marni! I'm hoping school with a two year old is easier than with a one year old, but I could be fooling myself. :) I'm googling the book now - I love a good book recommendation, and that one sounds great! Thanks so much! :)

Renee M

:) School outside is very helpful at our house. Lately we have been doing our reading and oral work on our porch swing when there is a breeze. Which is not everyday in MS. It's in the 90's down here this week! Today while Hannah and I were discussing her science lesson, Lydia was climbing way up in our crepe myrtle. She said, "I learned to climb a tree!" So there was more than one kind of learning going on at our house today!

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