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Megan, thank you so much for writing this! I was praying for some encouragement today and this is just what I needed to hear. This is HARD work and I totally relate to how the subject of homeschooling can be a conversation ender. What a blessing to hear those kind words from a stranger. I pray to see some fruit of our own soon, it sure does a mama's heart good!


Yes, thank you for sharing! Ella Beth is so PROUD to be homeschooled, and when she gets those weird "Oh, umm, ok" comments from strangers I am just so blessed that she's still proud. :) It is HARD work, and there are times when it seems like never-ending-when-do-I-get-my-time-off-hard-work. But I trust God and His works! And I am so thankful for the special times that I would miss out on if we had chosen something different.


I love this post and I am glad you shared! Didn't sound like bragging at all! :) what is interesting is that my 9yr old now is just like your Ansley!! She is such a servant and nurturer. My 10yr old, who was nine last year (ha) has never been this way!! She has always been difficult so I will just attribute that to her personality and not blame it on homeschooling. Grin. :)


So glad ya'll were encouraged! Thanks for letting me know! :)

And Candace, you got me thinking. I hope this didn't come across as saying that you can only have a sweet and service oriented child if you homeschool. That wasn't my intention, but I do think that homeschooling gives me (us) more opportunities to encourage that gift. ;) (And I know I didn't offend you since you homeschool, too, but just didn't want someone else to get the wrong idea.)

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