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You rock!! Perfect delivery timing too! Absolutely delicious!


Love it! We are a huge fan of lapbooks around here, too. And don't I remember that Ansley used to have a dress obsession? Seems like it took her years to wear a pair of jeans??? Ha! Love how our kiddos keep us on our toes. :)


Amber, you have a good memory! But Ansley's dress/no jeans obsession came at a later age than Avery's. It makes me a little nervous that at not even two Avery expresses such strong opinions! :)

Brandi Magee

We did an apple week last year at home, and did the taste test and stuff, which was super fun--I should totally do it again this year! Anyway, we decided to "plant" the seeds--which basically means you take the seeds and wrap them in a wet paper towel inside a sandwich bag and stick them in the fridge all winter long. We checked on them every month to see which varieties might be growing. My kids LOVED it! The seeds start to sprout after a month and sprout all winter long, which is really neat. Then in the spring you can transfer them into a pot or into the ground. After much research, I discovered you don't actually get apple trees (with edible apples anyway) from apples seeds--it's a complicated process. But it was a super fun experiment! I think we'll try it again next week...and I may do that lapbook, too. Looks like a lot of fun.

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