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Marni Love

I hope you are all feeling better soon! That is another great thing about homeschooling, letting the kids rest and not being behind when they return to class and having all this extra work to do. Don't ya just love that. :)
I am interested in the Bible app you have. We recently got an Ipad and the app choices are limitless. Would you mind sharing a few of your favorites? My three boys are similar in age to your kiddos so I am sure they would like many of the same ones. Be well and praying good health over you and your family.


Get well soon, Greiners!


Marni - thanks so much! I am glad that we can take a little sick break and not worry about getting (too) behind! :) The Bible app is called 4Soils and it is really cute! Christian loves it - Ansley enjoys it too but it's probably more suited for the younger crowd. I'll share some more soon - good idea for a post! :)Hope you are doing well!


Thank you Renee! :)

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