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Brandi Magee

Oh I could have written this! And not because I don't want to teach them, but sometimes it's just exhausting with the constant reminders to pick up, put away, and clean. We also have chores, but haven't found a great system for implementing them. I feel like such a nagging mom when I'm constantly riding them to do their jobs. I wish I could find a way that they would be self-motivated...past the first day or two, anyway. Gotta get that book!


The rewards will come later for all your hard work. It's our jobs to work ourselves out of one ;) Kid's take pride in being able to help and do. I'm very interested in this book. Thanks for the great and honest review!


Thanks, Suzy! Glad it was helpful. :)


Thank you, Brandi! I'm glad I'm not the only one here. :) It is a constant struggle, I agree. She has some fun motivator ideas that I may try and implement - of course consistency is the key, which is something I struggle with!

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