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Looks like you & Ansley had a pretty fabulous year. :-) If/when (still trying to talk Clara into the benefits...pointing out all the things she dislikes about public school) we begin our journey with homeschooling, I am definitely calling YOU! I am very interested in your approach. I love reading your blog. You're real, approachable, and while I know you say you aren't perfect, you give me something to shoot for, too. lol You do a great job of making it look easy anyway. :D

We still have 3 weeks to go. :-( Will be happy to be done with this long school schedule. Have a great summer. Look forward to seeing all your great pics.


What a great refelctive post! I love your honesty and can totally relate. We have struggles too and have found there is nothing like going on a bike ride to the park, cranking up the music or playing a game to help turn the day around. I will have to try the baking and reading next year though. :) Thanks for sharing and for reminding me why, even on those difficult days (or weeks), homeschooling is so wonderful for building family bonds and creating wonderful memories! I LOVE your blog and it is the only one besides Sally Clarksons that I read regularly. Some homeschool blogs really perpetuate unfavorable comparisons but yours always makes me feel happy and reassured of why I work so hard everyday. Thanks for sharing yoru heart for homeschooling and family. You inspire me to keep going and to smile and enjoy every little moment.

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