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My Anna is loving the word "literally" but has yet to use it correctly. Makes me laugh!


My oldest is a frequent user of "literally" also! Kasey asked her do you even know what that means?...To which she replied ""
The other funny one is our son has used the word "actually" since he could talk. He would start almost every statement with "actually..." Love their funny things!
For Ansley...the awkward moment when you are going about your day and discover that your shirt has been on inside out all day?!...that can make you feel awkward!


Both of my bigger kiddos have used the word "actually" since they were very little. SOOOO funny to be out in public when a 15 month old pulls that out of her back pocket and tells someone..."Well, actually, my mommy is a grown-up - she just never grew UP." Awkward!!! :)


Thanks ya'll! These are great. Maybe Ansley will have "awkward" mastered by the end of the summer! :)

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