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Haha. this is a good one. My mom always said "Boring people get bored". Sooooo, with that being said......we have a list like your's which is awesome to cross off. We have a calendar of each week printed for the boys to see what is going on and to have a place to cross off chores, like making their beds. The schedule can't change too much ;) Also, we have daily reading and work (keep it simple) and then sprinkle in with later nights, later mornings, and constantly trying new things. To me summer was always about exploring and growth. Finn decided to try knitting, Carter explores a new bike trail or a new fishing spot, we spontaneously go out for appetizers and come home for dinner, or we go to a minor league baseball game. Things that aren't breaking the bank, but fun. We also lay out our summer well in advance with camps, swim team and a few trips. Summer is here and gone before you know it--and these will surely be the days we always remember. So, I try to cherish that thought. Hope it helps!


Ah yes, my feelings about Summertime are similar! We have lots of crazy silly monkey behavior or fighting when we are too footloose and fancy free. Our "Spectacular Summer Schedule" has saved me lots of gray hairs so far! We have a different activity each day of the week so we have something to look forward to but also some structure in a fun and flexible sort of way!

This is our schedule:

Make it Monday (cooking, art, project of their choosing)
Nona Tuesday (outing or visit with my MIL)
Library Wednesday (a new one each week)
Park Thursday (a new one each week hopefully we will visit many with water features)
Mimi Friday (vist my mom and go swimming at her house)

We are also doing a bit of independent school work for about 30-45 mintues each day just to keep the peace! Things like Spelling City and Splash Math on the Ipad, Math facts practice, quiet reading, cursive practice, piano practice and map drawing. I love the bucket list idea and plan to make ours up this week just to add in some fresh and spontanoues fun! Thanks for sharing, I am excited to sit down and hear what things my boys want to do this summer. :)


I have a love/hate relationship with summer, too. First of all - it's just too darn HOT. For me, at least. The kiddos just want to be outside sweating and beet red sucking down CapriSuns and popsicles. That's good for kids, but not for this Mama. For the most part I am letting them just do what they want to do outside, while the baby and I stay close to the porch and windows and listen for them. They get along so well outside and it's where they want to be, so I don't want to spoil their fun or creativity. I just typically only participate in the fun or creativity if it's happening in the shade or AC. :) And crazy thoughts about starting school creep into my head often, too. So far I have quieted them. We'll see what July brings. ;)

All of that said, we are camping out in the backyard tomorrow night. With fans, and a cooler of ice. :)

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